Sun of Shade

Since its inception in 2003, Sun of Shade theatre company has been trying to shed a new light on the bodies of promissing young dancers and interpreters.
These common projects aim at merging creation and experimentation as well as modern dance and multimedia, in an attempt to allow each and every one of us to better ourselves through art, and develop a critical mind regarding the process of artistic creation.
Ever striving to interact with their audience, the members of Sun of Shade relentlessly try to question and challenge their public, and to inspire them with their own feelings and emotions, for allowing us to experience a different rapport to movement also implies providing us with ways to see the world through the eyes of another, and exploring ourselves and others anew.
As he was composing Slave, David Llari meant for it to be featured in a greater piece. Anomia should be staged in 2018.

Artistic team


David Llari improved his self-taught dance technique among such early modern dance pioneers as Tony Maskot or Poppin Taco, before starting a career as a professional dancer. In 2003, he founded the Sun of Shade company and created his piece Mirage at the Maison des Métallos in Paris. He then went on to work as an assistant choreographer with the Franck2Louise company, from 2005 to 2008. Having gained a great deal of experience, he founded the Maison du Hip-Hop in Paris in 2006. During the three years he spent touring in France and abroad, he organised many hip-hop events such as Paris hip hop, Block party, or the Original Old School Festival, before he eventually went home to his company in Marseille, with which he staged a dance reenactment of Marivaux’s famous novel Les Caprices de Marianne, in a production by the Chatôt Voyoucas company. He opened the 2009 season of the Théâtre Gyptis with his piece Artoy’Z.


As a dancer, choreographer and music composer, Franck 2 Louise dabbles into all sorts of art fields and materials. Alongside his rewarding career as a dancer, during which he created such works as Instinct Paradise, Drop It, First Konnexion or Konnecting Souls, he started composing music as early as 1995 for his own work as well as for other young talents or theatre companies such as Käfig, Trafic de Style, Révolution, Thony Maskott, Kadia Faraux, or Michel Onomo. The inner music of movement is at the core of his work. His music creations and his dancing are strongly influenced by science-fiction and explore the complexe relation between men and machines. Drawing inspiration from the new technologies, he developped a whole new way of connecting dance and music, using sensors placed on various parts of the dancer’s body so as to give life to his universe.


As a young hip-hop dancer, Thomas Barbarisi made a name for himself in such disciplines as popping, boogaloo or smurf dance. Being a passionate and goal- oriented young man, he learnt to master his dance technique and interpreting skills with his teachers and mentors David Llari and Katia Neyder. While benefiting from his work in the company and laying the groundwork for a promising carreer as an dancer, he also created – and still manages – his own association, Amorphe. He also began to share his experience by teaching others. All of these experiences have allowed him to search deeper into his personal style and original approach to modern dance, and explore every dimension of his art.